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Category: Cargoship
Type of vessel: Cargo vessel, abt. 100 tons payload. Multi Purposal Vessel
ID: 0400.0024
Built: Voldanes Skipsverft as, Fosnavåg, Norway, Bygg nr 22
Year: 1978
Price: Offer invited
Last updated: 20 Aug, 2008
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Dimensions: Loa: 29 m, Beam: 6.7 m, Length: 26.05 m, Depth in water: 2.62 m
Tonnage: Displacement 218.00 ts
Material: Steel
Class: Wisting Klasse, former Norwegian Navy to be reclassed in NMD
Trade area: Trade area 4, up to 25 nm. to nearest heaven
Crew Min: 2, Max: 45
Main engine: 1 x 530 HK, MVM TBD 601-6K, 18150 h. since new.
Gear: 1 x Volda Liaan, ACG-280
Shaft: 1 x shaft
Props: 1 x variable pitch propeller
Thruster: 1 x thruster
Aux: 2 x 4.236 M Perkins
Gen set: 2 x generators
Fire: All to meet class regulation
Heating: Heating
Speed: Service speed: 10 kt
Consumption: 50 l/hrs
Endurance: 14250 NM
Bunkers: 16000 l
Crane: 1 x Derrick 2,5ts on 8 meter arm, w/winch and swinger
Capacity: Cargo abt. 100 tons cargo. Day Pax 45 pers on board, 8 + 8 bunks for crew
Saloon: Saloon for crew
Interior: Nice light respatex interior plating
Quarters: Quarters for 8 + 8 extra quarters in cargo hole
Cabins: 8
Nav. aids: VHF, Radar, etc all to meet regulations
Safety: Complete to meet the regulations for 45 daypax
General: Direct from close owners we have been advised to locate buyers for this MPP vessel. This vessel is reported to be in extreme good condition, used by the Norwegian Navy as a diversupport-, ammunition- and passenger and goods transport ship. Owner will bring the vsl into Norwegian Maritime Directory Class, approvel and will be sold newclassed. Offer invited can guide.
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